Managing Pricing Policy

To create a new pricing policy, you are required to furnish details for the following fields:

  • Title: You need to provide the name of the policy for internal identification.
  • Price Attribute: Specify a Magento 2 product attribute here for the price of a product on TikTok. For example, if the “price” attribute of the product displays the actual price of the product on your Magento 2 store but you want to sell the product on TikTok at a value that is assigned in the “Minimum Advertised Price” product attribute then select the “Minimum Advertised Price” product attribute here & the value assigned in this attribute will be uploaded on TikTok marketplace as the product price.
  • Price Change By: It allows you to set price rules for your products on TikTok, whether it’s a fixed/percentage increase or decrease, among other options. For instance, if you want to increase all product prices by 10%, choose the percent increment and enter 10.

Save the policy once done.

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