Edit Quotation

To edit the quotation details

  • Go to the Admin panel.
  • On the left navigation bar, click the REQUEST FOR QUOTATION menu, and then click Manage Quotations.
    The Manage Quote Requests page appears as shown in the following figure
  • Scroll down to the required quotation.

  • In the Action column of the required quotation row.
    The Edit the Requested Quote page appears as shown in the following figure:
  • Under the Quoted Items section, in the Updated Unit Price box, enter the required value.
    The Subtotal amount is calculated and displayed in the Subtotal field. Under the Quote Totals section, the Subtotal, Grand Total, and Total Due values appear. In the Status list, the Pending status appears.
  • Click the Save Quote button, if you do not want to make further changes.
  • The quotation is saved and the success message appears on the Manage Quote Requests page.
    Note: To create the PO, the admin has to first approve the quotation(Select the Approved Status.).

The corresponding status appears on the My Quotes page of the Front-end user account as shown in the following figure:


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