A Brief Overview On MyWorld Integration

The MyWorld Integration for Magento by CedCommerce interacts with the MyWorld marketplace resulting in perfect synchronization of product listings, pricing, inventory, and orders. Sellers can automate the complete workflow of their Magento store and experience efficient selling like never before.

“It is to be noted that unlike any other eCommerce Integration with MyWorld, this is the ONLY native Magento integration to do sales on MyWorld marketplace.” Sellers on MyWorld can now easily leverage from this tailor-made Magento 2 MyWorld extension by customizing their Magento store according to their needs.

Some Key features of MyWorld Magento Integration includes:

  • Profile Based Products Sync: Admin can create a profile and after assigning the products to the profile can easily add/delist/delete on MyWorld.
  • Simple & Configurable Product Sync: It enables admin to add/delist/delete both simple & configurable type of product on
  • Automated Synchronization: Auto synchronization of the price, order, inventory, return, and refund, and pricing at regular intervals is established between Magento® 2 store and
  • Product Data Validation: The extension enables the admin to validate the product information in accordance with MyWorld standard and values.
  • Cron: Cron jobs automate the process to fetch the MyWorld orders from the MyWorld marketplace to the Magento® of customers.
  • Debug Mode: Provides easy debug process for hassle-free product sync to the MyWorld marketplace.
  • Rejected products report: If any product containing some invalid details is rejected, then its information is fetched from the auto synchronization request along with the error due to which it is rejected.
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