General Setting

Firstly, go to the “Configuration” section. Under the general setting, you can modify and update the price rule, and auto-syncing option and also set the threshold inventory limit.

  • Title Optimization: Set rules for the product titles. You can choose to display a brand name, SKU category, etc., as your product title. But if nothing is selected, the product title on Magento is displayed as the product title on the Miravia marketplace too.
  • Custom Price Rule: Here, you can set the price rule like percentage increase or decrease and so on. For example, if you want an increase of 10% in all products, choose percentage increment & then write 10%.  
  • Product Auto Update: Any update on your Magento product will also be reflected on the Miravia marketplace. 
  • Product Auto-create: By enabling this, you agree to create/ add a new product to the connector if any product is created on the Magento store.
  • Product Auto Delete:  Any product deleted in the Magento store will also be reflected in the Miravia.
  • Threshold Inventory: Set minimum inventory level, after reaching which product will reflect “Out Of Stock” status. This prevents you from overselling.
  • Currency Conversion: Convert your Magento store currency to Miravia Marketplace currency. 
  • Sync Setting: Select the product details that you wish to sync to the connector from the Magento store, like product title,  description, etc.
  • Save the changes & you are good to go. 
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