Vendor eBay Importer Configuration

To enable the feature of importing the product from eBay, the vendor needs to validate the credentials required for the configuration

Vendor needs to navigate to Vendor Panel < eBay Product Importer < eBay configuration


In the configuration panel vendor need to provide the required details

  • Select Environment
    • Sandbox: Use to select for the testing purpose (Test Environment)
    • Production: Use to select when finally moving to the live environment (Live / Production Environment)
  • Select Store Location
    From the drop-down vendor can select the store location (Physical Location) set on eBay for his vendor account.
  • eBay Access Token
    When the Vendor has his account on, he needs to log in and gets the User Token.

Rest of the related detail like eBay Token Expiration Time / eBay Token Created Time / eBay Token Session ID / Total No. Of Entries On eBay


eBay Product Configuration

Select the Attribute Set and the Website to map the products that are imported.

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