Product Description

Customer Credit Limit facilitates admin to set the credit limit for customers thereby adding payment method “Pay on Account“, that works towards accepting credit orders. The customer can place an order via the “Pay on Account” payment method as long as he does not exceeds the credit limit. This Feature allows a merchant to brand their Store Credit as their own.
When we talk about a B2B business where bulk purchasing is done, allowing your customers to purchase goods keeping in terms with your approved credit limit, plays a major role in uplifting your business.
Customer Credit limit 2.x adds a payment method “Pay on Account“, which is used to accept credit orders. If a customer exceeds the credit limit provided to him by the admin, the customer can no longer order with the “Pay on Account” method, Credit Limit exceeds limit message is shown on the Checkout page. With our  Customer Credit Limit, even customers can keep track of their available credit.



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