HubSpot Properties

Click on HubSpot Properties on the sidebar menu.

HubSpot Properties manages your data efficiency at the custom group, workflow, smart list, contact lists.


Workflow- With the help of Workflow in HubSpot, you can automate sales, marketing, and various service processes to run things effortlessly for your e-store. Workflow helps you to set criteria on your records and take action for better working of your e-store. Automatic follow-up emails, sales figure insights are some of the advantages of workflow management.


Smart List– Smart list is a type of contact list that automatically updates itself depending on the list criteria set by the e-store owner in HubSpot.The smart list creates a list of your most valuable customers based on their purchase history.


Custom groups operate on a set of information that you can use in creating the automated campaign. The smart list is used in Custom Group 


Custom Property- Custom property is used in data syncing. Custom Properties helps to gather unique information that cannot be retrieved through general properties. It also helps to tailor CRM and meet business needs.

It shows what custom properties have been created on HubSpot.

Status depicts whether the property is created or not.

Status shows whether the process is created and synced or not
“Active” status tells that the process is created and the data is synced with it.

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