Category Template

Category Template” is the place where you can create and save Category templates in which you can map the Shopify products with the OnBuy Categories, Map OnBuy Variants as well as OnBuy Option Value mapping, The page appears as follows:


To create a “New Category Template”, you need to click on the “Add New” button which will lead you to the following window:

  • Title: You have to give the name of the shipping template in the Title section. It can be any name that describes the identity of the particular shipping template.
  • OnBuy Category: In This section, you have to map your Shopify products with OnBuy Categories, Your product will appear in the category on the Marketplace depending on the category chosen by you.
  • OnBuy Variant Mapping: In this section you have to map the attributes of your products with OnBuy Attribute options, like size, color, etc.
  • OnBuy Option Value Mapping: In this section you have to map the options of the products which are available for sale, like Color: Blue; Size: Large, Etc.

Fill the details and hit on the “Save” button. Your “Category Template” will be created and can be assigned to your desired products from Category Mapping.


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