Description of Fields in Miravia Account

  • Account Id – It denotes the Id of your Miravia account. It will help you identify your magento account.
  • Title – It is the name of your Magento account. It distinguishes your account from other accounts
  • Status– The value here denotes the status of your account. It will be Valid for active accounts and Invalid for disabled accounts. Hence, it is helpful in deciding which account needs instant action.
  • Country – The country in which you have registered your account. Knowing the location helps you better decide the estimated delivery times. 
  • Store view – There are two types of store views available.
  • Default Store View : It is the version or view of your store selected. It informs you about which version or view of your store is selected. There can be different store views based on the language of the store.
  • All Store View: It is the default view of your magento store.

Store view plays a key role in ensuring that products from the store are fetched to the marketplace in the language in which it is acceptable on the marketplace . Suppose, if you are listing products on the marketplace in French language, the information will be fetched from your store view with product details in French only. 

As a result, it will benefit seller in following ways,

  • Eliminate hassle caused by listing error due to language conflict on the Miravia marketplace 
  • List the product in the appropriate language at the first attempt.
  • Environment – This section denotes environment as sandbox or production.  You have to ensure that it remains in production.
  • Synchronization policy – This policy defines how products would sync from your Magneto store to Miravia marketplace. It helps to ensure product listings remain consistent across both channel, the seller’s Magento store and the Miravia marketplace
  • Order policy – It defines how orders received on Miravia will be created on Magento store. 
  • Import Order – To auto fetch order on Magento as soon it is placed on Miravia
  • Order Settings – It include various order setting as below
    • Create order when a specific status is achieved like 
    • Attribute containing value of marketplace SKU in your magento store
    • What needs to be done if product does not exist
    • Notification to admin as soon order created in Magento store
    • Order Id Prefix to easily Marketplace Orders in Magento Sales Order
    • Invoice generation, auto order shipment, order status mapping are other settings you can define under this policy.
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