Fetch Onboarding Data

Step 1: Under the Action column in the Select drop down choose the Fetch Onboarding Data option (Miravia Account -> Action -> Select ->Edit)

Step 2: It will import the latest onboarding data of your Miravia account. 

  • Id – The account id of your Miravia account.
  • Title –  The title of the account.
  • Active – The status of the account.
  • Country- The location where your account is registered.
  • Store view – The store view chosen for the account.
  • Environment – It will be production.
  • Synchronisation Policy – The synchronization policy chosen for the account. 
  • Order Policy – The order policy chosen for the account. 

Once onboarding data is fetched it will be notified as message Onboarding Data Imported successfully.

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