Update Status

To sync the product status from Walmart to the integration app

  • Go to the Walmart BigCommerce Integration App.
  • Click the Product menu.
  • Click Manage Product.
  • You can perform “Update Status” for
    • all products at once, or
    • individual product
  • To perform the “Get Product Status” for all products at once, click on the “Get Product Status” button on the top right corner of the Manage Product page.
  • To perform the “Update Status” for the individual product, select the product by clicking on the checkbox
  • Then select the “Update Product Status” from the “Select bulk action” drop-down, as shown in the below figure
  • Click on the “Action” button.

Note: The seller can select more than one product while performing “Update Product Status” from bulk action.

The Get Product Status page appears as follows:

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