Overview of the Application

Amazon , one of the world’s largest eCommerce platforms, enables the third party sellers to display and sell their products alongside Amazon’s standard listings. With 310 million active users across 58 countries, this eCommerce titan relies on third-party sellers to diversify its product inventory. Additionally,  provides consumers with a large inventory of goods to search through.

With the BigCommerce Amazon Connector app by CedCommerce you can automate the selling process by eliminating the need for manual inventory updates. The application provides powerful tools and automation to simplify listing, create templates, prevent overselling and optimize fulfillment.

Key Features of the Application

  • Bulk Product Upload: Optimize the process of uploading a large number of products to Amazon through the bulk product upload feature.
  • Inventory Price Sync: Ensure your BigCommerce store and connected seller panels on Amazon maintain synchronization in both inventory and pricing.
  • Product Linking: Allows you to effortlessly manage linked and unlinked products, offering manual linking options via Close Match and Linking Required.
  • Order and Shipment Sync: Keep orders and shipments in sync between your BigCommerce store and Amazon using the order and shipment sync feature.
  • Product Listing: Simplify the management of products imported from BigCommerce to the app with this helpful feature.
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