After completing the Configuration setup, you are ready to explore the app. The App’s Dashboard, i.e., the app’s home page with all the navigation menu bars, will appear. The Dashboard has the following appearance.

The dashboard of the app displays the following information:

Top Bar

On the top bar, you can see several Menus – Merchant center, Google Ads, Product, Import/Upload, Profiling, Orders, etc. All of the menus correspond to the specific set of vital operations to the successful functioning of the Google Shopping Bigcommerce Integration app.

Product Info

In this tab, several fields show different information about products and are stated below:

In this section, you can view the Total count of your products imported to the app. It also includes total products pushed to Google Shopping and your actual product count, including variations on the Bigcommerce store.

Credits Info

In this section, you can view your credit information. It includes the total count of credits and the total number of available and used credits (limit of product management). The section appears as shown below:

Google Merchant Account/Feed Issues

The section here lists all the issues that your Google Merchant account and Feed are facing. The sections make it easy for you to keep track of all the problems arising on your Google Merchant account. From here, you can directly acknowledge all the issues. Refer to the image for better understanding:

Connect with CedCommerce

The section here lists all the necessary contact details and links to connect with CedCommerce’s experts for any query. Here, you will find the Skype and Whatsapp details. Also, you can schedule a meeting directly with our experts by clicking on the “Schedule a meeting” tab.

Google Product status

This section here lists down all the information related to Google products. It includes the total count of Google Merchant’s active, disapproved, expiring, and pending products. The section appears as shown in the image below:

Other functions:-

  • Latest inventory updates: In this section, you will find all the latest synced updates regarding your store’s inventory.
  • Recent Activities: you can track all the activities that are carried throughout the app.
  • Recommended apps: The section here list down all other most-rated and widely recommended apps by our happy customers
  • News & Offers: Check out all the recent news and offers of Google shopping over here
  • Blogs: You can read some of the most valuable and informative blogs and content of Google shopping by clicking the links from here.
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