Google Shopping Overview

To help sellers expand their business in more than 120 countries through Google, Google launches e launches programs – Google Shopping (now Free Listings), Shopping Ads, Buy On Google, and Local Inventory Ads.

When talking about Buy On Google (previously known as Shopping Actions), it is the fastest-growing marketplace by Google and is based on commission. Launched in 2018, the marketplace can be a great opportunity for sellers to attract approx. 68% new customers to their stores.

On the other hand, Shopping Ads are visually appealing product ads that appear on Google search, Google Shopping tab, Google Display Network – YouTube, Google Discover, and Gmail and Based on the PPC model, sellers can leverage the benefits of Shopping Ads by having a Google Merchant Center account and Google Ads account. Shopping ads help sellers by bringing high-quality traffic to their websites.

So, if you want to convert users to search for products on Google Search and expand your brand visibility, Google shopping is ideal for you.

Role of BigCommerce – Google Shopping Integration

To facilitate selling through Google seamless, CedCommerce, lets you connect BigCommerce’s store with Google Merchant Center through API without any hassle. The integration solution is designed to set a perfect synchronization of product inventory, price, and orders, update product information and help the BigCommerce store owner to manage the products from the store itself.

Key features of BigCommerce-Google Shopping integration

Bulk Upload System:

Among the core issues that make manual feeding a cumbersome task is handling a large number of SKUs. For that, you can Upload all the products in one click in the Google Shopping Bigcommerce Integration app.

Complete Synchronization:

Establishes an auto-synchronization of the product listing, order, inventory, pricing, and local inventory at regular intervals between Bigcommerce and Google Shopping.

Advanced Product Listings

You can easily optimize your Google Shopping product listings as per the updated guidelines by Google Shopping. You will get the advanced attribute listings feature which helps you with the same. The app follows the many-to-one category mapping philosophy, enabling the admin to map many categories of the BigCommerce store to the supported categories of Google Shopping.

Order Management

Whether you are managing your orders via any other shipping service, the app will generate orders from Google Shopping to your BigCommerce store from where you can ship them. The newly placed orders on Google Shopping are automatically created in the BigCommerce store with all the required details on Google Shopping.

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