One-click order reorder plugin for WooCommerce


The plugin is a top-notch solution for your customers to create repeat orders in one go. Using the plugin, customers can copy and edit their previous orders and make the final purchase in just a few clicks on your website. 

One-click order reorder plugin for WooCommerce retailers is an improvised way to deliver a smooth ordering experience and improve website conversions simultaneously. 

Have a look at some of the ultimate features

  • One-click order reorder – Redefine your customer’s shopping experience with a fast, hassle-free, and single-click reorder facility on your WooCommerce website. 
  • Place same order – This button will direct your customers to the checkout page after confirming product details.
  • Include or exclude items  – Customers can copy their previous orders, add new items or exclude the existing ones from their cart in just a few simple steps.
  • Add to basket – Users can save as many products as they want using the ‘add to basket feature and order them multiple times per their requirements.
  • Notify about unavailability – Let your customers know about the unavailability of products on complete automation before proceeding to the checkout page.
  • Know the status using filters – Set up filters to know how many orders are placed using the one-click order reorder plugin.
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