Facebook StoreFront Accounts

To accomplish the Integration, the first mandatory step that needs to be taken by the admin is to complete the Configuration.

To do the Configuration,

  • Go to your Woocommerce admin panel, below the CedCommerce Menu which is on the left navigation bar.
  • Click on the Facebook section of the panel.
    Facebook Storefront
  • The Appearing page will provide the Account Name, Facebook Store Id, Facebook Location, Account Status, Export Feed, Configure.
  • If you want to add an account, there is just a ” ONE CLICK AUTHORIZATION” step.
    Facebook Storefront
  • As mentioned in the above appearing screenshot, click on the ADD ACCOUNTS button.
    Facebook Storefront
  • Here you have to enter, the Shop Name and Shop Location. 
  • Once done hit the “ADD ACCOUNT” tab to your account.
  • Adding the account it will reflect your Account with its Account Name, Facebook Store Id, Facebook Location, Account Status, Export Feed, Configure as mentioned in the screenshot:
    Facebook Storefront

Export Feed

  • In the Export Feed, the store owners can export the prepared feeds for all woo products that are rendered.
  • After rendering, the store owners will select the products and prepare the feeds in the “BULK ACTIONS”.
  • Once you have done the above step, the feeds of your products are ready which the store owners can export normally from the account section.
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