How to Onboard the App

Before we start automating your operations, the following are crucial steps you must perform to connect your Catch and Shopline account with the App. 


Catch API Authentication

You must connect your Catch account with the app. To do so, create your Seller Account on Catch if you don’t have it yet. To start integrating your Shopline store with the Catch marketplace, you must have an Active Catch Seller account.


Follow the instructions for fetching your API Key.

  • Go to Catch’s Seller Panel
  • Go to ‘My User Settings.’
  • Click on the ‘API Key’ section
  • Copy the API from the section

Now enter your API Key.




Tick if you are a Catch Club member.


Agree with Our Company’s T&C.



Now, click the Connect with Catch button, and your Catch Seller account will connect to the app.

Set your Payment Method. 



And here you Go! Now enjoy selling on Catch with seamless integration features. 

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