Walmart Category Mapping

Whenever you will add a new product to your Shopify store with new Product Type then, in that case, it is necessary to map the Product Type with the category with the Walmart Category.

Why is Category Mapping Done?

Category Mapping is the process of mapping your Shopify Product Type with the Walmart Category in which you want to list down your products on The Category with which you will map your products type your product will be listed under that category.

For example, If you are selling Clothing type Products then you will select “Clothing Category” as Walmart main category and “Clothing” as the sub-category.

To Map, the Walmart Category, follow the given steps,

  • Click on Products. Then select “Map Category
  • As soon as you click on “Map Category” the following page will get displayed.
  • Click on “Add New Row” button to add new Walmart Category and map it to new product type. On click, a new row will be added see image below,
  • Select the Category Under “Walmart Category Name“.
  • After that select a sub-category.
  • Then comes the Column for “TAX CODES”, set the tax code of your product.
  • Under the “Product Type (Shopify)” column, put the cursor inside the text field, all your unmapped Product Types will get listed. Select the Product Type that you want to Map.
  • Click on “Save” button.

A message will be displayed stating “Walmart Categories are mapped successfully with Product Type”.

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