Walmart Attribute Mapping

Whenever you will add a variant to your product in your Shopify store then, in that case, it is necessary to map the Shopify Options with Walmart Attributes.

What is Attribute Mapping?

Attribute Mapping is the process of mapping the Shopify attributes like color, size or style with the Walmart attribute. Attribute Mapping is mandatory in case of variation products but sometimes attribute mapping is required for simple products also when you had products for specific size and color.

Attribute Mapping can be done in two ways, either mapping the attributes of all the products at one time or mapping the attributes of the individual product by editing them.

How to do Attribute Mapping?

Attribute mapping in bulk 

  • Go to Products.
  • Then Attribute Mapping.

  • You will find the Walmart Main Category and Sub Category that you have chosen for your products.
  • Click on the Walmart Category (here, Electronics -> TVsAndVideoDisplays)
  • You will find 2 options,
    • Variant Attributes and
    • Walmart Advanced Attributes.

Variant Attributes: Allows you to map your Shopify Variant Options with Walmart Attributes which helps you to list your  as variants on

Walmart Advanced Attributes: Allows you to add the additional advanced attributes to your products which helps in improving the listing and ranking of your products. Such as keywords, key features, gender, age group, etc.

  • Now click on Variant Attributes and you will find the list of Walmart Variant options associated with the selected Walmart category and corresponding to it, the list Shopify Options are listed.
  • Select the right Walmart attribute for your Shopify Options. Example, color to be mapped with color.

  • Once done, move on to the Walmart Advanced Attributes.
  • You have two options here,
    • Map the Walmart Attribute with Shopify Option (field) or
    • Add custom value to the Walmart Attributes.
      Example: You can map the Keywords (Walmart Advanced attribute) with Tags of Shopify Option.

  • Click on the SAVE button.

  • Do the same for the rest of the Walmart Categories.



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