Lag Time

The Shopify store owner has the ability to make the changes in the Lag time information of the products in bulk using CSV file.

To update the Lag-Time of the Products on Walmart

  1. Go to the Walmart Marketplace Integration App.
  2. Click the “Product” menu.
  3. Click “Lag-Time”.
    The Lag-Time page appears as shown in the following figure:
  4. Click on the plus button to open and update the Lag-Time for the particular product.
  5. After clicking the plus button you will see as shown in the following figure:
  6. You can update the lag-time of the product here.
  7. Then, click on the SAVE button to save updates.
  8. Click the minusbutton to close the pop-up.
  9. Now select the checkbox corresponding to that product.
  10. Click on the “ACTION” button.
  11. This will send the updated Lag-Time on


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