Getting Started

Getting accepted to sell on is subject to their guidelines, however, there is a simple and straightforward process that starts with applying to be selected as a Walmart seller. So here goes the process →

Note: Still not a member of, become one by applying here.

  1. Once you get accepted, you receive a confirmation email from Walmart which looks like the image shown below.

Walmart seller acceptance email

  1. Then comes setting up the seller account which has several steps as listed below:
  • Complete Registration
  • Complete Partner Profile
  • Set up items and upload inventory
  • Confirm that you are ready to launch

       To read about the entire process in detail, read this blog -> Know How to sell on

  1. Once, these processes are completed, you can use the Walmart Shopify Integration app to connect your Shopify store with

PRO TIP: Although the integration is independent of these steps, CedCommerce advises you to install the app soon after you’re accepted to sell on, as the Dedicated Account Managers also help in completing all the steps mentioned in Step 2.


You can always find the latest version of the software, full documentation, demos, screenshots, and reviews at

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