Not In App Products

Let’s say you are already selling some products on Tophatter, and through our app you want to manage their orders as well. 

The Not in App feature allows you to manage products that are not there in your Shopify store with the same SKU. By product mapping, you can sync your marketplace SKU’s to that of your Shopify store’s products and manage orders at a unified place. 

What is Product Mapping? 

Product mapping is the linking process between products of your marketplace and of your store. Let’s say, you are selling shirts in the marketplace and you want to manage its orders through our app. 

By product mapping, you will link your shirt that you are selling in the marketplace with the shirt that you are selling in your Shopify store.

When you receive orders of your shirt from the marketplace, a new order will be created in the app against the mapped product. 

But product mapping comes with a condition – you cannot map a shirt with any product which is not a shirt. If this is the case, you need to create a shirt product on Shopify, and then map it.

How to Link Products? 

Go to Not in the App section and click on Sync with Tophatter – our app will fetch all the products that are in the marketplace but not linked with your store. 

After that, click on Action against each product, a pop-up will open which will display all the Not uploaded products on the app that are imported from Shopify.

Choose any Shopify Product by clicking on any checkbox and then click on the Map Products button.
Please note that mapping will update all your SKUs on Tophatter with SKUs of mapped products. Our app will never map on its own. Click on Yes to initiate mapping in the prompt window.

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