How to install Shein CedCommerce Integration?

Installing the Shein CedCommerce Integration is a simple process. But before you do, you need to ensure a couple of things –

  • Since the app establishes a connection between Shopify and Shein, you need to have a shop on Shopify.
  • You must have a shop on the Shein marketplace. If you don’t have a store on Shein, you can create one easily by signing up on the marketplace.

Once you have your Shopify store and the Shein marketplace set up, you are ready to install the app.

Register on the app.

Step 1: CLICK HERE to install the Shein CedCommerce Integration.

Step 2: Register on the app.

Step 3: Enter your first name, last name, and email address.

Step 4: Create a secure password.

Step 5: You will receive an email containing a verification code.

Step 6: Enter the code in the provided space

verify email

Step 7: Log in using your email address and password.

Log in using your email address and password.

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