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Welcome to the Home section of the Shein CedCommerce Integration. This section is your starting point for navigating the app. Here, you can instantly review your store operations, monitor essential metrics, and stay informed about important actions required for your business.


Let’s take a quick look at the widgets of this section:

Total Sales

In this section, you’ll find a snapshot of your overall revenue to monitor your business performance. Keeping track of your sales is vital for assessing your business’s performance and making informed decisions. You can use this information to evaluate your sales strategies and identify areas for improvement.

Total sales

Actions Required

This section serves as your command center for addressing errors, alerts, and announcements. It’s crucial to stay on top of these updates to ensure a smooth and successful selling experience on Shein.

Action required

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Errors: Any critical errors related to your product listings or operations will be displayed here. Addressing these errors promptly is essential for maintaining the quality of your listings.
  • Alerts: Stay informed about important alerts that might require your immediate attention. These can include issues with orders, inventory, or your Shein account.
  • Announcements: Keep an eye on the important announcements to align your strategy with your business’s latest developments.

Total Orders

Get an overview of your total orders. Knowing how many orders you’re handling is crucial for managing your resources effectively. You can also use this data to track order fulfillment and work on failed orders.

Total orders

Ongoing Activities

Here, you can view real-time updates on the activities related to your business operations. This includes the progress of tasks like product linking, template creation, and more. Staying informed about ongoing activities enables you to make decisions based on the latest developments.

Ongoing activities

Total Products

Get insights into the total number of products you have listed on Shein. Managing your product catalog effectively is essential for attracting customers and driving sales. Use this data to assess your product range and identify expansion opportunities.

Total products


Your subscription plan is a key element of your Shein CedCommerce Integration experience. In this section, you can view details of your current subscription plan and usage.


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