Connect with Shopify

1. Enter the Shopify shop URL

connect shopify

To locate your Shopify shop URL:

  • Log in to your Shopify store.
  • Check the URL address bar at the top of your screen.
  • The URL should look something like this: ‘’.
  • To get your shop URL, add “” right after “STORENAME”.
  • For instance, if your store’s name is ‘FLOWERSELL’. Look at the URL address bar at the top of your screen. It should look like this: ‘’.
  • Your shop URL is “”.
    how to find shopify store url

2. Add API Credentials

To find your API Credentials:

1. In Shopify admin, go to ‘Apps and sales channels’ and click on ‘Develop apps’.

develop apps

2. Now, click on ‘Create an app’.

create an app

3. Go to ‘Configure’.


4. On the ‘Configuration section’ configure Admin API integration with the following scopes:

api scopes

  • Read_products
  • Read_inventory
  • Write_orders
  • Read_fulfillments

3. Save selected scopes > Install app

install apps

4. On the API Credentials section > Get API Access Token, API and API Secret Key

reveal token

5. Retrieve and copy your token, API key, and secret key from ‘API Credentials’.

6. Paste each in the respective boxes on the Shopify Authentication page.

api tokens

7. Click on ‘Connect Shopify’.

You have successfully installed the app on your Shopify store, and now it’s time to complete the final onboarding steps so that you can start selling on Shein.

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