General Configurations

You can update your preferences as & when required for the following general settings:

General Settings

  • Sync Inventory from MCF to Shopify – Upon successful installation of the app on your Shopify store, the MCF Order Fulfillment app will automatically generate a warehouse location dedicated to MCF inventory management within your Shopify store. When this button is enabled, inventory will be synced automatically between that shopify warehouse location & the MCF. On the other hand, if you choose to disable the option, inventory will not be synced automatically.
  • Blank Box – By enabling this option, you can choose to ship your orders in unbranded packaging. If you disable this option, the orders will be shipped in boxes with Amazon branding.

Note: You should only enable the “Blank Box” option if your Amazon MCF account is permitted for it. You can also sync the availability of Blank box features with the app through a dedicated “Sync MCF Features” button placed at the bottom.

  • Block Amazon Logistics – Enable this option to prevent orders from being shipped by Amazon Logistics. However, opting out of Amazon Logistics will attract an additional 5% surcharge on all MCF orders. Furthermore, there is an increased risk that some of your orders may remain unfulfilled or experience delayed delivery estimates if there are no alternative carriers available.
    Please note that the preference you set for carrier usage here will be applied to all of your MCF orders.
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