Order Refund

The seller may also generate the refund for the cancelled order of product, from the Prestashop admin panel.

To generate the refund:

  • Go to Prestashop Admin panel.
  • On the left navigation bar, move the cursor over the Wish Integration menu.
    The menu appears as shown in the following figure:

wish prestashop integration

  • Now click the Wish Orders menu. The page appears as shown in the image below with the cancelled order:

wish prestashop refund

  • Now click on the drop down arrow next to the View button in the cancelled order column and there you can see the Refund button which you need to click.

wish prestashop refund

  • Once clicked, the page appears to us as shown in the image below:

wish prestashop refund

  • You can see here the order info and shipping info.
  • In the Refund Reason, state the reason for initiating the refund.
  • In the Ship Note, write a note to the user explaining reason for the refund.
  • This field is required if Refund Reason is “Other”.
  • Click on the Refund Order button. The refund will be done successfully.
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