Editing the existing profile

To edit an existing profile, a seller needs to:

  • Go to Prestashop Admin Panel
  • On the left navigation bar, place the cursor on Wish Integration and you will see it getting expanded as below:

wish prestashop integration

  • Click on Wish Profile and you will see the page as shown below:

wish prestashop profile

  • To edit the profile, click on the edit button adjacent to the profile in the last column. It has been shown in the red color in the image below:

editing wish prestashop profile

  • Once you click it, you can see the page as below:

editing wish prestashop profile


  • From here, you may edit the profile. In different sections of this page the user may make changes in the existing profile.
  • Once the changes are made, the seller needs to click on Save button. The changes will be saved and the profile will be edited.
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