Category and Attribute Mapping

For Mapping The Categories and Attributes,

  • Go to your OpenCart admin panel.
  • Place cursor on TradeMe sign T. When the menu appears, click Categories, and then Category and Attribute Mapping.

  • You will be navigated to the page as shown below:

category and attribute mapping

  • Click on the ‘+’ (Add New Mapping) button highlighted on the top of the page in the above image.
  • On clicking it, you will see the page as:

add mapping

  • In TradeMe Category, enter the TradeMe category with which you want your OpenCart product category to be mapped.
  • In Store Category, enter your OpenCart category to be mapped with TradeMe category. You may select more than one OpenCart category in this field.

category mapping

  • In Attributes Mapping, the required TradeMe attributes need to be mapped with OpenCart product attributes.
  • In the fields corresponding to Title, Description, Subtitle, and SKU, select the attributes you want these TradeMe attributes to be mapped with.
  • In TradeMe Category Dependent Attributes (Required),
    • In Model, select the attribute for model from the corresponding field. You may also select Default Value, if you want to select the default value.
    • In Year, map the attribute for year. You may also select the default value for this too.
    • Similarly, map Kilometers, Approximate Value, On Road Costs, and Body Style attributes with the corresponding attributes.
  • In TradeMe Optional Attribute,
    • In IsBrandNew, select from true and false if product is brand new or not.
    • In BuyNowPrice, select th corresponding attribute.
    • Select true or false if the product is branded or not.
    • Similarly, map the GTIN, Brand, and ManufacturerCode accordingly.
  • In TradeMe Category Dependent Attributes (Optional), select the  optional attributes and map them with the TradeMe attributes accordingly.
  • Once categories and all the attributes have been mapped, click on Save button on the top of the page as shown below:

  • The category and attribute mapping will be done successfully.
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