TradeMe is amongst one of the top internet auction websites operating in New Zealand.

It is New Zealand’s most popular website and largest digital platform, with 75% of all domestic web traffic.

With 3.9 million registered users, it has a huge customer base. As 85% of the population of New Zealand holds a TradeMe account, the platform reaches a very broad demographic spread.

To make merchants experience the best selling results, CedCommerce brings the TradeMe OpenCart Integration that not only allows the sellers to sell on TradeMe but also empowers the OpenCart store owners to synchronize the product inventory, price and other crucial details between OpenCart and TradeMe.

-Key Features-

  • Product Data Validation – The extension enables validating the product information in accordance with TradeMe standard and values.
  • Easy Product Upload – Products can be uploaded in a single click when you wish them to be uploaded.
  • Bulk Uploading – To facilitate the uploading of large number of products and to minimize the manual work, the TradeMe marketplace API integration extension enables the sellers to upload products in bulk.
  • Auto-acknowledgement of Orders – Orders are acknowledged automatically as soon as they are created.
  • Product Promotion – You can create promotional prices for products on TradeMe on special occasions. You can vary prices with percent or fixed amount on TradeMe from your OpenCart store.
  • Centralized Order Management – The orders can be easily acknowledged or canceled through centralized order management system.
  • Real-time Stock Update – Stocks are updated automatically on both ends as stock status gets updated on your local shop or as order is marked shipped by TradeMe.
  • Feed Status – Feed of all API requests made to TradeMe are logged through which all details of that feed can be viewed.
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