Manage the Products Assigned to the Profile

On this page, admin can view and edit the product, validate and upload the individual product. Also, the admin can view the error message if any error exists in any product details. The admin can also submit certain actions on the selected products available on the Product Manager page.

Thus, on the Product Manager page, the user can perform the following tasks:

  • Submit Actions on the Selected Products of the same Profile: The user can validate and upload the products of the same profile those are listed on the Product Manager page to the Tophatter Web site. The user can also submit the other respective actions on the selected products before uploading them to
  • View the Error Log: If the product is invalid, then an Invalid button appears, and the admin can view the error log using the Invalid button.
  • Edit Product Information: Edit the information of the product that the user wants to upload on the Tophatter Web site.
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