The OnBuy integration for Magento by CedCommerce offers management of your products on a centralized platform, wherein you can easily list your products on OnBuy directly from your existing Magento store. Management of inventory and price is automatically synchronized and gets updated following any activity. Furthermore, tracking and order fulfilment can be easily managed through the CedCommerce integration solution.

Integration also offers management of inventory with greater flexibility, providing you with several ways to manage it. OnBuy order cancellations from the customer’s end are retrieved simultaneously to cancel the order ensuring that you don’t ship orders that were cancelled.

Key Features:

  • OnBuy order management: Orders are pulled into your Magento store where they can be easily processed or cancelled via the centralized order management system. Refunds for OnBuy orders can be initiated via the Magento store.
  • Stock update: Stock levels are updated automatically on both ends as the stock status is updated in your local shop or when a new order comes on OnBuy.
  • Synchronized inventory: The product information (including listing details and pricing) is automatically synchronized between Magento and OnBuy at regular intervals.
  • Bulk upload: Upload any number of products to OnBuy using the bulk product upload feature.
  • Profile-based product upload: This allows the admin to create a profile and map the product attributes, allowing the product to be assigned to the profile and easily uploaded.
  • Product category mapping: Admins can use the category mapping feature to map Magento store categories to the relevant OnBuy category. 
  • Rejected products notification: If any product is rejected from OnBuy, you’ll be notified of the error that caused this.
  • Crons: Crons automate the process of price, inventory and order management.
  • Notifications: If a feed error occurs, there is a feature that notifies you of the error.
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