Vendor Moip Payment Addon developed for Magento Multi vendor extension is the ideal payment solution for the Multi vendor Marketplace and e-commerce. Vendor Moip Payment Method is an online payment method, which strengthens the Magento Marketplace to split the payment instantly during checkout and dispatch it to the vendors (sellers) and the admin (Magento Store Owner). The payment amount is split between the admin and the vendor (seller) based on the commission rule set by the admin (Merchant or store owner).

Utilizing the features of the Vendor Moip Payment add-on, the front-end users (customers) can use one of the following Moip Payment types:

  • Credit Card Payment method
  • Boleto Payment method

Vendor MOIP payment method integrates the following two requisites that the admin needs to start with selling the products online:

  • Internet merchant account of the Moip Website.
  • A payment gateway, which allows the admin to accept the online payments from the customers.

It is easy to integrate this add-on with the Magento Store. To use this extension, the admin needs to perform the following tasks:

  1. Install CedCommerce Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace extension.
  2. Install Vendor Moip Payment Addon.
  3. Get the Merchant Login ID, Merchant API key and Merchant API Token from the Merchant account of the Moip Web site.
  4. Set those in the Moip Boleto Payment Method and Credit Card Payment method on the system configuration page of the admin panel.

When the store is ready to go live, the admin can move it from the sandbox mode (test mode) to the production mode (live mode).

It offers two payment modes:

  • Authorize Only Mode: Admin can create invoice later on. Admin can also process the online refund through Moip payment gateway.
  • Authorize and Capture Mode: Automatic invoice is generated.

Key features are as follows:

  • Easy to integrate.
  • Easy to use, and facilitates seamless transactions.
  • Instant payment split between vendor and admin.
  • Supports Parallel Payment.
  • A customer can use the Boleto or the Credit Card payment type.
  • Simple Configuration Settings.
  • Smooth Payment Flow.
  • Easy to use Configuration Settings.
  • Activate or Deactivate the sandbox mode.
  • Admin commission calculation works smoothly.

Note: If Vendor Order Addon is installed and the Split Order feature is enabled then the redirect payment methods do not work. Hence, the Vendor Moip payment method also does not work.

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