Etsy Crons

In this section, the admin can see the following details:

  1. Etsy Cron Details

  2. Cron Status

1) Etsy Cron Details

The Etsy Cron Details page lists all the Cron details scheduled in Etsy.

To see those:

  • Go to Magento Admin Panel.
  • On the Etsy menu, place the cursor on Extras, and click Etsy Cron.

The Etsy Cron Details page appears as shown in the following figure, and you can see all the Etsy Cron Details here and their status alike:

etsy logs

The Etsy Cron Details are shown in this section in the following way:

Activity Time Required for Updating
Order Creation Every 10 minutes
Feeds Sync Every 24 hours
Inventory Sync Every 15 minutes
Price Sync Every 12 hours
Yes No Suggest edit
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