Catch is one of Australia’s leading e-commerce marketplaces, with an exceptional growth record that has seen its two core brands become household brands over the past 10 years.

Catch has been successful in giving its customers innovative shopping experiences regularly. As a result, more and more people turn to this ecommerce platform to purchase their favorite products. This commitment has made its two major brands – Catch and Scoopon highly lucrative in every year of operation.

By building accomplishing relationships with suppliers, developing a world class IT platform and investing in their supply chain, Catch has invariably delivered results in a competitive marketplace.

Catch Integration offers Management of your products on a centralized platform, wherein you can easily list your products on Catch directly from existing Magento marketplace.Management of inventory and price is synchronous and gets updated followed by any activity. Furthermore, tracking and order fulfillment can be achieved through CedCommerce integration.

Integration also offers management of inventory, with greater flexibility, providing you with several ways to manage it at discrete levels with Order cancellations from the customer’s end are retrieved simultaneously to cancel the order ensuring that you don´t ship items that were canceled.

Key Features of Catch Integration Extension by CedCommerce:

  • Stock Update: Stocks are updated automatically on both ends as stock status updated in your local shop or as an order is marked shipped by Catch.
  • Catch Order Management: The orders can be easily acknowledged or canceled through centralized order management system.
  • Profile-based product upload: It allows the admin to upload their product to profile based on Catch Marketplace.
  • Synchronization: Auto synchronization of the product listing, order, inventory, return and refund, and pricing at regular intervals is established between Magento and
  • Bulk Upload System: Bulk product upload service from cedcommerce is your ultimate solution to be spared from hassles of operational overload in product uploading.
  • Notification Errors: If any error occurs, there is a feed error feature helping you to know what the error is.
  • Cons: Crons automate the process of Price, Inventory and Order management.
  • Rejected Products Notification: If any product containing some invalid details is rejected, then its information is fetched from the automatically synchronized requests along with the error due to which it is rejected.
  • Return And Refunds: Refunds are processed back to the original payment method used to purchase the order. Refund is also possible through extension.


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