Managing Image Policy

You need to provide the details of the following fields to create a new image policy:

  • Title: You need to provide the name of the policy for internal identification.
  • Main Image: If you have a custom product attribute in your Magento 2 store that you want to use as the Main/Base image for a product on TikTok then you can choose that attribute here. For example, if you have assigned an image in an attribute named “marketplace_image” in Magento, and you prefer to use that image as the base image on TikTok instead of the default Magento base image, you can choose the “marketplace_image” attribute here.
  • Default Image URL: In cases where there are no product images available for the product in your Magento 2 store, you can employ this option to set up a default image for those product(s). To provide a default image you have two choices: you can either select an existing image from your Magento store image gallery or upload a new product image in JPG or PNG format. It’s important to note that the maximum size for the image should not exceed 2MB.
  • Gallery Images: Here you can define the maximum number of product images from the product information in Magento that will be uploaded to TikTok. For instance, if a product has 20 gallery images in Magento, but you wish to upload only the first 5 to TikTok, you can specify that number here. This ensures that only the chosen images will be included in the product details on TikTok, while the remaining gallery images will not be uploaded. However, it is important to note that the default image will also be considered in the count of final images during the product upload to the TikTok marketplace.

Save the policy once done.

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