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In this guide you will find complete guidance for the following

  • Install TikTok Module 

Step by step instruction to seamlessly install the TikTok module within your Magento store by effortlessly navigating through directories, enabling you to activate the extension successfully in first attempt

  • TikTok Wizard Setup 

 The TikTok Setup Wizard, a simple and guided process designed to seamlessly integrate your Magento store with TikTok Shop Marketplace.

  • TikTok Account 

The TikTok account section is meant for simplifying your online selling journey. This dedicated section grants you easy access to crucial account details including account id, title, active status, country, store view, synchronization settings, order policies, and other essential information.

  • TikTok Policies

TikTok policies are sorted into specific categories such as synchronization, inventory, order, pricing, and image. Each category serves a unique role in establishing how various aspects of order processing, inventory management, product pricing, and product images are carried out within your system.

Under this section, you get to view and tailor these policies according to your specific needs.

  • TikTok Attributes

The TikTok Attributes section will assist you in linking and coordinating attributes between the TikTok Shop and your Magento store. This feature ensures every modification made to attributes on the TikTok Shop are accurately mapped in your Magento store.         

  • TikTok Listing Templates

This section enables a quick view of all necessary details about the product listing templates.

  • TikTok Products

The TikTok Products section contains the list of your Magento store products along with their important details. Moreover you can easily perform different actions on products, such as upload, change status, inventory price sync, and marketplace status sync.

  • TikTok Orders

The TikTok Orders section has been designed to ensure the process of importing orders from the TikTok Shop to your Magento store is effortlessly smooth. Additionally, this section offers you the capability to retrieve particular orders according to the parameters you select. 

  • Queue Process

Queue process has a complete list of products that are lined up to be uploaded on the TikTok Shop in near future.

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