Product Management

Product Management

The “Product Management” settings are divided into 5 sections, the page appears as:

Product Upload: By enabling this setting you can list all variations  as a simple product on OnBuy.

Auto SyncIn the “Auto Sync” area, select “Enable” from the list to enable the Product synchronization between the Shopify store and the OnBuy Marketplace Integration app. Select the checkbox associated with the “Select All” option to synchronize all the attributes of the products.
Select the checkboxes associated with the required product attributes to get synchronized with the store.

Product CreationEnabling this setting will bring the recently created product in Shopify to the app. If you created a new product in your Shopify the app will automatically bring that in the app.
You can select anyone among these three options to specify the Import type:
i). All (to add every product automatically when creation)
ii). Published (to add every Published product on Shopify)
iii). Custom (to add the products on the basis of specific product type or vendor)

From these settings, you can manage your products accordingly.

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