Feed Process

On the left section, under “Products“, you can see “Feed Process

Feed process” section is used when you’ve have uploaded some new products on OnBuy, the product details from app are sent in form of feed on OnBuy, which is then processed by OnBuy. In this section you can check whether your feed is processed or not. If the Feed is processed successfully then you products will get live on OnBuy, or else you will get an error in the feed.

The “Feed Process” section looks like below:

-> All Feeds:- In This section you will see all the feeds sent on OnBuy.
->  Pending:-  In This section all the pending feeds will appear, the feed which are still under review or process by OnBuy.
-> Success:- In This section all the successfully processed feed will appear.
-> Completed:- In this section all the processed feeds will appear but they might have some error in them.
-> Failed:- In this section all the feeds with error will appear, the feeds failed to process because of the missing data like: images.

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