Magento Wizard Setup

The Miravia setup wizard consists of four steps. These are registration, account onboarding, default policies, and summary.

Step 1: Navigate to the left side menu and click on the MIRAVIA MARKETPLACE option.


Step 2: Input the Email address and check the Terms and Condition box.

Step 3: Click on the Next button located at the top right corner. It will redirect you to the Account Onboarding page.


Step 4: Input the following information in the Account Onboarding page.

  • Title – It will be a title that you can use to internally identify your Miravia account.
  • Environment Type – It will be either production or sandbox and need not be changed.
  • Country – Choose the country in which you have registered your Miravia account.
  • Store View – Choose an appropriate Magento store view in which you desire to display product information during product upload and update on the Miravia marketplace.


Step 5:  Click on the Next button located at the top right corner. It will redirect you to the Miravia Marketplace Dev page.

Step 6: Input the Country, Account and Password. Click on the Authorize button.


Step 7: . It will redirect you to the Default Policies page of Miravia Setup Wizard. Here you will find default policies for Image, Inventory, Pricing, Order and Synchronisation. 


Step 8:  Ensure to validate these policies if the Valid column for the policy is No. Follow step 9 and 10 only if the value in the Valid column is No for a policy, else skip to step 11

Step 9: Click on the Edit in the Action column.


Step 10: You will see a pop up for the Add/Update Policy page. Input the data in the mandatory fields. Click on the Save button.


Step 11: On the Miravia Setup Wizard page click on the Next button. And, then click on the Finish button present at the top right corner.


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