Vendor Order Management

Goto CED Marketplace > Vendor Orders to view vendor orders.

Vendor Order Details: Each row in this table corresponds to vendor-specific order information for a given

order. One order can have products from multiple vendors and in that case, multiple rows will be

displayed for a single order, each having vendor-wise order information.

Grand Total: Indicates the total order amount of products from a specific vendor in a given order. This amount does not include shipping charges as the shipment is managed by Admin.

Commission Fee: Indicates the amount that the vendor will be charged a  fee by the admin for a given order. This fee is calculated based on the commission fee configured during vendor configuration. For a Fixed Fee type, the total quantity of all the products from a vendor in a given order is considered and the Commission Fee amounts to the Total Quantity times the Fixed Fee amount.

 For a Percentage Fee type, G.T. the amount in the corresponding row is used to calculate the commission fee.

Vendor Payment: Indicates the amount that the admin owes to the vendor for a given order. It is equal to the Commission Fee subtracted from the G.T. amount.

Order Payment Status: Indicates the status of payment by the customer to the store admin for

vendor-specific items in an order. If the order is not Invoiced then its status will be Pending. For partially invoiced and completely invoiced vendor items in an order, the status will be Partially Paid or Paid respectively. And for cancellations or refunds, the status is Canceled. If the vendor is paid for an order, the admin generates a credit memo and the status remains Paid.

Vendor Payment Status: Indicates the status of payment that the admin makes to the vendor for their respective orders.

The initial status is Pending, with a PayNow button if the order is Invoiced. If the order is canceled or if a refund is requested, the status is Canceled. Status changes to Paid when the vendor receives his payment for the order. The option to reverse a payment to the vendor is not available in this extension and once the vendor is paid that payment can’t be reversed even if the admin has created a  credit memo for that order. If a credit memo is generated for the order after vendor payout the status will remain Paid.

View Order: On clicking the View option under column Action it opens the order view page of Magento.

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