Manage Product Attribute

Goto Vendor Panel > Product Attribute > Manage Attribute


Click on “Add New Attribute” to create a new attribute. Click on the attribute row to edit any attribute.

Go to  Attribute Properties :

Default Label: enter the default label.

Catalog Input Type for Store Owner: select the required input type.

Values Required: If Yes is selected, then the value of the attribute is compulsory, that is, the attribute cannot be left blank

Include in Attribute Set: select the required list of Attribute Set to which the attribute needs to be assigned.

Sort Order: enter the required value to set the order of the attribute.

Go to Advanced Attribute Properties:

Unique Value: set yes to make the attribute value unique

Input Validation for Store Owner: select the required value. The users have to provide the attribute value in the selected format.

Go to Manage Labels to enter the Titles or Labels of the attribute in the respective according to the store view.

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