Home Screen

Delivery Boy needs to enable the GPS of the device in order to use the app. On the home screen, delivery partners can check the status-wise orders.

Transaction Analytics 

The transactions can be filtered as weekly, monthly, and yearly. This shows the number of total deliveries, total earnings, total payment, and balance.

Order Analytics

In order analytics, a graph is visible to the driver in which he can see the number of orders he attended either today, on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Pending Orders

Whenever an order is assigned to a driver, he needs to accept/reject the order. Upon accepting the order, the assigned order appears on the ‘processing pickup’ page, as shown in the above screenshot.

Processing Pickup

All the orders that need to be picked up are displayed on the ‘processing pickup’ tab. Drivers can access these orders to process them.

Processing Orders

The orders on the way to deliver to the end-users or customers fall under the processing order section. 

Complete Orders 

After submitting customers’ feedback, order pictures, and customers’ e-signature, the order gets completed.

Closed Orders

Whenever an item is rejected, its order falls under this section.

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