Manage your Promotions through this section by utilizing the two options available under

  • Walmart Promotions
  • Promotions Feed

Walmart Promotions

This page empowers you with an option to create a promotional pricing setup for select products to lure in more and more customers making sales like never before.

In order to start promotional pricing for a product you need to fill out

  • Promotion form, and
  • Promotion Name
  • Price (fixed/Rate)
  • Promotion Price
  • Promotion Start Date 
  • Promotion End Date

Then select the product for which the promotion is to be created.

The given image will give a clear picture

Promotion Feed

A complete tabular representation with minute details of promotional plans that have been created by the user. The details include information like

  • Feed ID
  • Promotion ID
  • Created at
  • Status, and 
  • Action

The following image can be viewed for clarity

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