Retire Product

Removing unwanted uploaded products from the listing in Walmart can be achieved through the Retire Products section. This action imports all the changes made in the CSV file to the Walmart Marketplace Integration App. In order to make these updates on Walmart Marketplace, you need to upload the product.

To retire product(s), you’ll have to

  • Open Walmart BigCommerce Integration App
  • Select the Import/Export option from the menu section available on the top right of your screen.
  • Click on Retire Products from the list that appears.

In the Export Product Information (available on left) you can select the products having the following status to retire

  • Published
  • Unpublished
  • Stage
  • ItemProcessing
  • Deleted
  • In Progress
  • Ready to Publish
  • System Problem

Once you confirm a status click Export and Save the CSV file that is generated and perform the required edits you want for the products to retire on the CSV file.

  • Select Choose file available on the right side under the Import Updated CSV FIle section. Browse and select the CSV file you just edited for upload.
  • Click Import.

The Retire Product page appears as follows

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