How To Find The Best Tax Code For Your Product?

If you want Walmart to collect taxes from buyers on your behalf, be careful while applying Tax Codes to your products.

To apply Tax Codes to your products

  • Go to the current Walmart Tax Codes from Walmart Marketplace knowledge base.
  • Download the file in Zip format.
  • Expand the Zip file. This file will open on the introduction tab.
  • Click on the tab called GS list. This tab shows the actual codes that you need. Filter all the columns and save the file for future use.
  • The most important codes in this file are Tax Codes shown in the column GSID and Tax Code Description shown in the column GSDESC.
  • To find the Tax Code, look for the description that best describes your product.
    For example- If you want a Tax Code for apparels, search for the relevant description in the GSDESC column.


  1. You can refine your search by including other columns.
  2. If you do not want Walmart to collect tax on your behalf, you can search in GSDESC for exempt retail and you will spot the corresponding Tax Code (2038711) in GSID.
  3. If you want to instruct Walmart to collect Generic Sales Tax, search for “taxable retail” (2038710).
  4. Special Conditions such as extra Environmental Tax on electronic items or Tax-Free items such as children’s clothing will not be accounted for if you use the Generic Tax Code.

You even have a column that differentiates between goods, services, and other genres.

After becoming familiar with the Tax Code sheet, you can easily set Tax Codes to your products.

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