Orders - Failed order

The failed order section gives you complete information about any order that couldn’t be fulfilled.

Orders fail when-

  • You receive an order for an out-of-stock commodity.
  • If the ordered commodity doesn’t exist on the BigCommerce store.

At any point in time, the admin e can cancel an order on TheMarket from the app’s failed order section.

How to access the failed orders tab?

  • Log in to your TheMarket BigCommerce Integration App
  • Go to Order Tab
  • From the drop-down menu, select failed orders

Upon Clicking the “Failed Orders” option, you’ll be redirected to the page containing details of the failed orders. The page will look as follows-

Here you can view or delete a failed order by clicking on the respective icons.

The failed order section will show you the following information

  • Product ID
  • Purchase ID
  • Reason (for canceling)
  • Created at

You will find a tab at the extreme right end, allowing you to either view the details or cancel the app’s failed orders.

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