Headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mercado Libre is a firm that hosts the most extensive online commerce and payments ecosystem in Latin America. Operating through the following geographical segments: Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, and Other Countries, the marketplace has been successfully providing users a one-stop platform for buying, selling, and paying, as well as collecting, generating leads, and comparing lists through e-commerce transactions.

Being the most comprehensive online trading platform in Latin America, Mercado Libre can be an excellent opportunity for sellers to expand their business and reach more than 550 million shoppers.

Role of Mercado Libre-BigCommerce Integration

To help BigCommerce merchants with a smooth selling experience on Mercado Libre, CedCommerce, lets you connect BigCommerce’s store with Mercado Libre using the integration app.

The app helps establish a seamless synchronization between the store and Mercado Libre seller panel through hassle-free product & inventory updates, quick onboarding processes, and centralized order management. It reduces the need to go back and forth between the marketplace and store.

Key features of Mercado Libre-BigCommerce Integration

Effortless Feed Optimization

The app assures simplified product listing, update, and upload—no more juggling and switching between the two platforms. In addition, you can optimize product feeds from one centralized place.

Real-time Synchronization

The app synchronizes your BigCommerce Store product(s) with Mercado Libre. So whenever you make any changes in items such as Product title, description, inventory, prices – or receive an order on the marketplace, it gets synchronized in real-time.

Product Category Mapping

Following the “Many-to-one category mapping philosophy,” the app enables you to map many categories of the BigCommerce store to the single category of Mercado Libre. Besides, you can also map the store’s product categories and attributes of items in bulk with respective Mercado Libre product categories and item attributes.

Quick Product Upload

The app lets you select the products you want to list on Mercado Libre and upload them in one go. It eliminates manual errors and saves your time for other essential tasks.

Order Management

It has a centralized order management feature that enables you to keep track of all the orders placed on the Mercado Libre marketplace. Get instant notification on the app whenever an order is placed on the market not to delay fulfillment.

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