This section is dedicated to configuring the relevant settings, required to make the process of product listing & management on Google Shopping seamless. This section also reflects a default profile that gets created automatically from the information you provide while onboarding.

The Configuration tab covers the following:

Data Configuration

In the Data Configuration section, you can fill in the details related to account information, order configuration, BigCommerce configuration, and App configuration. The Data configuration section appears as the image shown below:

Here, you can edit the following Data Configuration details:

  1. Account Information: here you need to fill in the basic account details such as Username, Full name, Phone no., and Skype ID.
  2. Order Configuration: Here you need to select the “Default shop to sync order” from the dropdown menu and select “Yes” or “No” from the drop-down menu for whether to Sync orders in Sandbox mode or not.
  3. BigCommerce Configuration: Here you can choose the default profile from the custom profiles with which you need to sync product(s) or upload products to GMC.
  4. App Configuration: Here you can enable Auto order management and auto product syncing features by selecting the “Yes” or “No” option from the dropdown menus.

Google Configuration

In the Google Configuration section, you can fill in the details related to Google Shopping feeds such as the target country, content language, set currency, destinations where you wish to list your products, and set repricer details. The Google Configuration section appears as shown in the image below:

The Google Configuration section allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • Target(Selling) country: The country you wish to target or sell
  • Content Language: The language in which you want to deal with while operating the app (feed language)
  • Currency: The currency for your feeds that is supported for your country of sale
  • Included destination: Places/destinations you want your product feed to be listed – Display Ads, Shopping Ads, Free Listing, and Buy On Google listings
  • Repricer setting: This feature enables you to change:
    – Increase/decrease Repricer flow
    – Choose the Repricer type – Fixed or percentage
    – Set Repricer value

Google Item ID Format

The section allows you to set/customize Google product IDs as per your requirements. Generally, the default Item ID comprises of bigcommerce _{{target country}}_{{sourceProduct}}_{{sourecVariant}}, but you can customize your Item ID from this configuration section.

To create a Custom ID you need to:

  • Create a new one in the Separator box as shown in the image below:

  • And either choose “Attribute” or “Static text
  • And then click on the “Save” button to save Customer Item ID

Or you can match the default custom id with product_id, variant id, SKU to your GMC item_id so that products will not duplicate on Upload

Google Connect

The section allows you to Reconnect your Google Merchant account with the app. The section appears as shown in the image below:

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