How this Guide will help you

The BigCommerce eBay Connector User Guide is a detailed manual designed to assist individuals who are selling on eBay. Its objective is to simplify the complexities of the selling process and offer a comprehensive insight into the application’s functionalities. The guide aims to efficiently manage the selling process on the marketplace.

Let’s Get Started

This guide will provide you with complete guidance on the following:

  • Dashboard

The Dashboard section provides real-time information regarding products, orders, and more. Additionally, it provides data, along with keeping you in loop about recent activities. You can easily switch between different eBay accounts connected within the app. The Activity section of the app enables you to track the comprehensive record of activities available.

  • Category Template

The Category Template section on the app provides access to important information about Template. As you list these products on eBay, they are allocated to specific categories. These templates play a crucial role in simplifying your product listings and ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience for your customers.

  • Manage Products (Product Listing)

The Manage Products (Product Listing) segment on the app allows you to view and manage all products imported from the app.

  • Product Linking

The Product Linking section of the app helps you in linking all the products from eBay products with their corresponding BigCommerce counterparts.

  • Orders

The Order segment on the app assists you in importing orders from eBay to the app. Also you can view all order details fetched from eBay to your BigCommerce store.

  • Settings

The purpose of the Settings section on the app is to streamline your selling process. It allows you to view the details of the connected account, delete the details of the connected account and allows you to add a new account. Also the section enables you to manage marketplace settings, inventory rules, and order management.

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